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Enhancing Brick-and-Mortar Stores experience

The landscape of shopping experience is evolving. The ecommerce is booming but major part of India still rely on the brick-and-mortar store. Customers have become more sophisticated and their behavior less predictable as the ecommerce rises. This brings new challenges for brick-and-mortar store to stand out with the customer experience.

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I was part of an ambitious project to design the Sale Assist Platform to optimize end-to-end user experience for the largest consumer electronics company in India- Jio.

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own & does not necessarily reflect the views of Jio.

The Challenges

Our goal was to uplift the brick-and-mortar store customer experience. The conventional journey was more verbal and depends on the sales person dealing. The complexity of customer experience increase with-

1. Offer availability
2. Number of products
3.Diversity in products
4. Status of inventory

High Level Goals

1. Make a robust design which handle diverse rage of items
2. Embrace rapidly evolving business
3. Adding the competitive advantage over online store
4. Preventing the loss of sale
5. Create a intuitive and accessible platform for everyone

Our ambition

Helping customer in browsing the
wide range of products easily and
making a smart buying decision

My Role

I work as a Product designer alongside with Fynd development and Inventory team with Management team of Jio. Scope of work include the design thinking- empathizing, defining, ideation, prototyping and testing. The product is still in developing phase and used internally.


For pilot, we want a product with diverse inventory and variants. Smart phone was one of the product which has +3.5k inventory and is most sell-able product.

For the device, we want two option-
1. One which has mobility and affordable so it can be reached to each and every store.
2. One which can be fixed, easy to locate and interesting to use.

We got two such devices- 10" tab and 52" touch screen for the easy mobility and advance experience respectively.

Field Insights

To empathize with the users, we visited the store. We try to understand the pattern and corner case. Our goal were to understand the challenges customer faced while buying the mobile phone. Comprehension of our filed study:

Information in Detail
Customers wants to make informative decision and this make them to question a lot with Sale Assistant.

India is a country of diverse culture and customer are comfortable with their choice of language.

Welcoming and friendly nature of sale assist attract more Customer.

Information in Detail
Customers wants to make informative decision and this make them to question a lot with Sale Assistant.

India is a country of diverse culture and customer are comfortable with their choice of language.

Welcoming and friendly nature of sale assist attract more Customer.

Aha! moment

The customer want to make a satisfying decision. To help him making the decision we need to provide reasons. For buy decision following factor are responsible-

1. Choosing as per preferences
2. Product Information
3. Option to Compare
4. Rating and Review
5. Expert  Opinion

As the technology is evolving, new products are releasing every day. Though there are too many options in the market, customers have preferences for buying decisions. We want to help our customer make this decision. We got our north star here. We want to give customers reasons they believe into leading to a satisfying decision.

We think, each of us, that we're much more rational than we are. And we think that we make our decisions because we have good reasons to make them. Even when it's the other way around. We believe in the reasons, because we've already made the decision.

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize-winning economist and behaviourist

Points to Remember

Though we have started with mobile phone buying journey, we want a robust solution which has

- Diverse types of electronic inventory
- Intuitive nature for product
- Scalable from small store to larger one

Reframing Problem Statement

Designing a robust solution which help user to take satisfying decision.

Mapping the User Journey

Early on, it was important to understand the different factors that may influence the buying decision. Field insights and data from store helps us in mapping the buying journey which helps customer take a smart buying decisions.

We mapped all the possible concepts and translated this into the spectrums and situations framework.

Task Based Approach
We want to minimise the customer's cognitive load. For this we used tasked based approach where customer focus on one task at a time on one screen.


Early on, it was important to understand the different factors that may influence the buying decision. For design implementation, the whole journey can be simplified in following primary screen.

Landing Page

To make landing page welcoming and friendly we took following design decision-

1. Greeting to Invited and Welcome user to interact with Sale Assist.
2.  Auto-sliding carousel to keep Customer Updated with offers and new product release
3. Soft Rounded Button for welcoming, friendly and Intuitive gesture.
4. Choosing Preferred Language to address the cultural diversity.

Home Screen

Here user has to make a browsing decision which lead him to filter, collection or products. This decision can be made with the help of

1. Offers and featured products and collection.
2. Collection- based on features
3. Filter by Price Range
4. Filter by Brands
5. Filters
6. Popular Products Collection

Apart from above primary selection we also have

7. Conventional Global Navbar
8. Search
9. Choose Category option
10. Buying Guide lines
11. Compare
12. Filter
13. Sorting

Buying Guidelines

To make buying decision easy we plan to create a set of guideline which will customer in understanding different mobile features and let them simultaneously set their preferences.

1. Back Navbar
2. Fixed Index for easy Browsing
3.  Feature Details
4. Feature Selection
5. Selected Feature
6. Apply Filter

View Full Guidelines here


Another important feature with helps customer in browsing is custom filters. Buying pattern from store data helps us in clubbing the filter in primary 3 categories and then sub category sorting.


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Product Listing

Once customer is on listing page, following feature Product Details helps to get further

1. Visuals- Product Images
2. Product Name
3. Rating
4. Price
5. Top Feature
6. Offer

Other helping details

7. Buying Guidelines
8. Compare
9. Filter
10. Sorting
11. Applied Filter


The option to choose and compare with in different option make use decision more satisfying. We introduce two type of compares. One where customer can compare the product as per their preferences and other where we compare similar products. This let user to make a fair judgement.


For reviewing order and finalizing the decision, we have following on cart page.
1. Letting user to review final order
2. Incentives for sales person
3. Delivery date estimation
4. Confirmation    
-Further instructions    

Just a click and we do the rest

Sale Assist let customer to make a informative buying decision as per their preferences. It save the time by letting you compare products, have an expert opinion and to choose the best offer.

Return On Investment

Minimizing the Loss of sale
Sale assists lets customer order from the inventory which is even not available at store but will be delivered at door step.

Unified Customer Experience
Brick-and-mortar stores buying journey now has perks of online buying experience.

Satisfying decision making
Due to the informative and transparent journey, customer now can take a better buying decision.

Incentives for sales
Incentive and be easily recorded with the sale assist.

Easy inventory check
Sales assist let you check in-store inventory status


The Sales Assist Platform has a positive impact on the brick-and-mortar stores buying journey. Customer can now make more satisfying decision. This also redefine brick-mortar-store experience and a behavior change that will reveal over a longer period of time.

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